Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 11 - Columbia, SC to Ocala, FL

423 Miles

A little loopy on the routing again this morning. Left Columbia taking I-20 S. My intention was to take US 1 S to Augusta, GA. I took it as far as Lexington but overcast skies in that direction made feel the "need for speed" ala Tom Cruise and I-20 offered that option. So, I cut over on Hwy 6 back to I-20 and sped toward Augusta outrunning the gray potential to the northwest,

If Pinehurst is golf heaven, these are the pearly gates.

The fat kid looking for Gabriel.
Searched my wallet thoroughly...I know that membership card was in there somewhere.

You can't see anything at Augusta National. The trees and undergrowth are so think surrounding the entire course you can't even get a glimpse of a fairway through them. Arnold Palmer says the drive up to the clubhouse still brings a lump into his throat. I determined it would bring a lump on my head so I didn't press it.

Augusta is a pretty town with a lot of those old southern buildings.

Churches everywhere.

In fact, on my journey through the south I note churches everywhere. I know there is a significant increase in church membership in this country and the point gets brought home on a trip such as this where one goes through towns and not around them.

Of course, cynic that I am, I can't help but note that many of these churches were here when these good people were enslaving their fellow men, and blowing others to kingdom come on the battlefields I've visited. It appears we don't seem to have made any real progress in this area. We doubtlessly have more Abner Scofields today than in Mark Twain's time.
(For those unfamiliar with Abner Scofield I'd suggest a visit to:

Took US25S out of Augusta, connecting to US24S in Waynesboro. Connected to US301S just north of Sylvania, GA, and stayed on it until just east of Ocala, taking SR200 west to the La Quinta at I-75.

I stopped at a TA truck stop at US301 and I-10 for a short break. While parking my bike I saw a couple ride in on a big Honda Gold Wing. They were trailing one of the largest bike trailers I've ever seen. I went in and got a drink and was sitting there and the man from the couple on the Gold Wing sat down in the booth next to me. We said hello and he asked me if the riding pants I wear were comfortable and cool. I replied in the affirmative and told him about the most "convenient" breeze one can capture if one holds his legs correctly. His wife joined us and said hello, though she looked like she could take a bike chain from a Hell's Angel.

He asked me where I was from and where was I going and, after I replied and asked him the same, he stated they were almost home (Zephyrhills, FL) after being out for 13,000 miles. I asked where they had traveled and he said Texas, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, then up to Vermont to see their children, etc. After the mention of each place the wife would insert a complaint about the heat, the boredom on the back of the bike, the long hours riding, etc., etc., etc. Boy, what a Negative Nanny. I was tempted to tell the guy about a song I've heard a few time on this trip on Sirius-Outlaw Channel: "You finally said something good when you said goodbye."
While I can empathize with her in some ways, if she doesn't like riding why not just let him go? Yeah, right, as if he's allowed to have fun while she's not there!

And some wonder why I travel alone. It's because I'm through negotiating my way through life!!

Tomorrow: A Mommy fix, some King's Barbeque, and, hopefully, some pickin' and grinnin.'

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Tommy D said...

I finally made it to the blog. I really enjoyed the commentary, history lesson and photos.

Stay safe and keep the shiny side up.