Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 9 - Raleigh, NC

~25 miles

Whenever I got the new rear tire in Asheville the mechanic pointed out that my rear brake pads were about 80% worn. They didn't have any in stock or I would have replaced them there. Decided today would be a good day for that so I found Matison Motorsports just north of Raleigh on Capital Blvd. Very nice, new facility and the service was great. They had both front and back pads in stock so I decided to change both while here. They took me in, made the change in less than an hour and I was back on the road. Thanks, guys. They didn't jump through hoops like the guys in Asheville, but, then, they didn't have to. It was a pretty routine thing, and good service. I'm beginning to be concerned. Two good motorcycle dealer reports on one trip? The earth's magnetic poles must be reversing, or something.

After the service I found a sporting goods store and bought a couple more UnderArmor jerseys for riding. I love these things. They wick sweat right off of you and feel so cool as you ride. Only way to go.

Met up with Lisa, Brian and the kids and we went "funning."

The lovely Miss Zaine

Went to Frankie's, an electronic game/pin ball/race track entertainment establishment and generated "tickets" for trade-in. Did pretty good.

The wonderfully talented Wil

The highpoint was the go-cart racing. Wil and I did good, but Brian managed to pass us twice. I think it's something in the air up here that makes NASCAR drivers. Used to be whiskey, but I don't know what it is now.

Afterward we went to Mickey D's for sandwiches and some playtime in their playroom. Then we took the girls home and the guys went fishing.

The fishin' hole: Falls Lake at sundown

We had a very enjoyable time. First time I've wet a hook in fifteen years. Don't want to brag, but I did catch the first (and biggest) fish. Wil later brought in a whale. Released both to grow some.

Brian and Wil
(Have I mentioned that, though lapping us in the go-carts, Brian failed to catch a fish? Oh well, I won't then.)

Wil and Moby Dick

The lovely mother and PTA President.

What a wonderful time!!! Family fix. It's a good thing.

Tomorrow: South.

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pugletgirl said...

So many thoughts... I certainly wish the lovely mother and PTA President put make-up on that day. LOL

Zaine's got such a serious expression - I don't usually see her not smiling in photos. It's an interesting look!

Wil had a BLAST fishing and has not stopped talking about it. The pic of the lake was lovely. I must be so busy looking for ticks or trying to avoid crud on my shoes that I've missed the beauty of the lake.

Nice visit, daddy. I look forward to the next one and hope it's not so far away.